Our Product Lines

Tabitha of London, makes gorgeous quality but also bang on trend handbags and purses. Tabitha is a celebrity favourite worn be the likes of Danni Minogue, Fern Cotton, Mylene Klaas, amongst others.

Hultquist jewellery, offering unique fashion jewellery inspired by the wonderful mixture of different cultures from past, present and future. Great quality jewellery at affordable prices.

Nadia Minkoff was founded in 1988, with the dream and intention of manufacturing high quality ladies accessories, featuring innovative designs with imaginative detailing.
Quintessentially British and taking great pride in its UK manufacturing, the brand is now globally recognised for its distinctive 'boutique style' image and vintage inspired feel.

We also stock all British made belts by From the hip and Butterfly Blue made from high quality leather with interchangeable buckles from Italy, from everyday to full on bling and high glamour!

Ella Cru is also stockist of the Bebaroque range of unusual tights, stockings, leggings and scarves.  All designed and made in Scotland.

Meg Matthews for Liberty scarves, gorgeous silk scarves in amazing colours, Meg’s iconic wallpaper prints are like works of art, and this season she has also created a wearable Russian Doll print.  These scarves make the perfect gift, and are available in a selection of wonderful colours.


 A young luggage brand uniting practical, beautiful and light.  Lipault offers a whole range of colours and styles for your journey, whether travelling alone or with your family. The lightness of these bags gives you total freedom of movement for a day-trip as well as a long voyage. They also fold down to hide away when not in use.
Pure forms, careful designs.
A striking, attractive and refined range of colours.
Offering Flexibility, elegance and always lightness. With 8 years of experience developing the luggage range for Air France, François Lipovetsky kicked off this new brand in 2005.

Pretty Ballerinas

 These are beautiful and stylish ballet pumps and ballet flat shoes. Pretty Ballerinas have made ballet pumps since 1918 and their ballet pumps are design classics with a thick lace bow. All still hand made in Menorca. Pretty Ballerinas come in many coloured patents and animal prints. We try to always offer an array of their fantastic designs.

Penelope Chilvers

Embracing fashion but not conforming to the idea of a throwaway wardrobe, Penelope Chilvers designs accessories to fall in love – and stay in love - with. Combining a modern, fashionable edge with lasting style, these are timeless pieces, made to last, that work seamlessly with this season’s trends.
Penelope insists on using 100% natural materials of the highest quality. The brand has an avid following of sophisticated women who know instinctively how to make fashion work for them; Cate Blanchett, Elle Macpherson, Jemima Khan, Sherezerade Goldsmith, Sophie Winkleman, Trudie Styler to name but a few.
Penelope Chilvers pieces feature regularly in Vogue, Grazia, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, The Times, How to Spend it (FT) the Independent, Lucky (US) etc.


Hispanitas is a very popular Spanish brand famous for its eye catching designs and innovative use of materials. The company is a third generation family based in the Vinalopo region. Every Hispanitas range is awash with feel good colours and intricate detailing. Hispanitas uses high quality leathers in the production of its shoes that are extremely soft to the touch and their designs although feminine include comfortable heel height.

H by Hudson

Born and raised in London, Hudson – brand of choice for today's footwear connoisseurs – has come of age.
Conceived in 1990, the company was established to fill a gap in the shoe industry for affordable, forward thinking, high quality footwear.
In 2004 H by Hudson was launched on the unsuspecting public. This errant younger brother hit the ground running and brought the brand ethos to a wider range of consumer.
Due to popular demand, an H by Hudson ladies range was introduced in 2008. Now in its 5th season it is swiftly becoming as formidable as the men’s.

Rakish Heels

A fabulous selection of shoes and boots designed in North London by an amazing young designer and made to the most exquisite quality.  A brand to watch!  As the name suggests there is an emphasis on the heels, whether it means they are striped, unusual shapes or some even have a cover so you can wear them with a suede heel or uncover a fabulous coloured heel!

Lama Peach

British designed Italian made boots – bang on trend but somehow still timeless….all leather uppers and linings.  “Life is short have great shoes!” The whole concept behind lama peach is to offer a unique and individual selection of styles each season

 Meher Kakalia

Meher Kakalia, Londoner and mother of 2,  became fascinated by her country’s shoe-making traditions .  Now she designs shoes in her Brixton studio and has them all hand made in a workshop she set up in her home town of Karachi. Fusing ancient shoemaking techniques with a metropolitan aesthetic,   meher kakalia offers hand crafted pieces of fashion, which will stand the test of time. Made with Italian leathers.